Lesson #14 – We may only have one child (and that’s okay)

A few years ago, my friend Hannah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Isla. Hannah had what I can only think to describe as a traumatic birth. To tell you the truth, when she recounted her experiences to me shortly after, I was quite traumatised hearing about them. Shortly before Miss Isla’s first…

Lesson #1 – Reality isn’t nearly as bright and shiny as the fantasy (well not usually)

I’ve seen videos on YouTube where women find out they are pregnant and are beyond happy or when they tell their partner they will be a daddy. I had always fantasised that I would have that moment. Actually, my little fantasy involved me being impeccably dressed and leaning over a pregnancy test, holding hands with my husband (who would also be impeccably dressed) watching and praying that it would be positive. Apparently not in reality. I didn’t feel how I thought I should and that was a shock.