Episode #18 – I was once a full-time party girl. Oh how things have changed!

Instead of having dozens of options of things to wear, the choices at present are narrowed drastically by what’s clean and what might fit. I grabbed a cute grey dress out of the cupboard and held it up against myself. The possibility of greasy or dirty little hands leaving marks on the light coloured silk fabric was too much of a risk. Plus, wearing the dress meant making a trip to the dry cleaner sometime in the future. Why do I still own things that are dry clean only?

Lesson #15 – This week I was fired… By my one year old.

For a period of time, I didn’t feel like a person anymore. I felt like a (incredibly exhausted, vomited and faeces covered) body wandering around with two HUUUUUUGE breasts attached. The downside of breastfeeding for me was feeling as though the milk bar was ALWAYS open.