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Welcome to Rambles Of A Mummy (ROAM) – Who doesn’t love a good acronym?!

photo 1 (2)My name is Carla and I’m a 34 (wait… when did that happen?!?!) year old mummy to a gorgeous ginger haired little munchie named Ollie. He was born in September 2014 and has been rocking my world ever since.

I have always had a love of words, all of the words whether they are spoken, written or printed. I’m super wordy (annoyingly so!) and loud in my every day life and over-think every single thing possible. Trust me, it’s exhausting being in my head.

10401360_10153927121556002_1237797234441317602_nThe truth is, up until recently, I have lived a very structured, secure and safe life. This all changed when I found out that I was pregnant. You see, my husband and I planned on me getting pregnant, it just happened a little (a lot!) sooner than I expected. However, my unrealistic expectations of how that would look and how I would feel sent me into a tailspin that I took a pretty long time to recover from.

When reality didn’t match up to my impossibly high and ridiculous ex
pectations, I was crushed. I felt guilty and like a big fat failure. I’m not very kind to myself in general and this is something that I have been working on, but there is still a ways to go.

13683_10153545599351002_2608422519911536691_nFast forward to having an actual baby…. I remember being desperate to come home from the hospital with our baby boy but when that day in September 2014 arrived, I thought, ‘Holy crap! Are they really going to leave this baby with me? What the heck am I supposed to do with him?’ (this is of course the PG rated version of what I was thinking. There were many MANY four letter words mashed in there.) I remember asking my Mum why she hadn’t told me that it would be this hard having a baby. She laughed gently and explained that even if she did tell me, I wouldn’t have believed her anyway. She was right.

Being a new Mumma is hard. It is the hardest and best thing that I’ve ever experienced. I was in a constant state of unparalleled exhaustion thanks to sleep deprivation (sleep, what’s that?!), fear (what if I break the baby?!) and guilt (I’m doing such a crap job. I can’t believe that this poor kid landed me as his Mum!) which lasted for longer than  I care to admit.

10422324_10153894147266002_7134496758954340187_nOn some days it was a struggle to cope and there were (too) many a days that my husband would come home from work and I would dissolve into a sobbing mess.

Thankfully, the dark days are (mostly) behind me now. That was more un-fun than I can explain to you. Being a Mum is a tough gig – I’m sure that this isn’t a foreign concept to many of you. The thing that helped me the most (apart from some professional assistance of course) was writing.

Rambles Of A Mummy started out resembling an online journal with the purpose of helping me organise my errant thoughts regarding pregnancy and being a new mummy. A place where I could write about whatever was in my head and things that occur in our day to day lives. Hello blog! Writing is my passion and it makes me so happy.

I’m so excited to ramble about my mummy adventures and crazy over ambitious plans to you!

Let’s do this!

Carla x

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  1. Pamela "imgutgirl" Hastings says:

    I follow you on IG. You are a remarkable writer! I’ve been a Mum for 27 years– yikes! A LOTTA poo, we’re talking. Let’s not count diapers. But I justhad to tell you that you are doing a fabulous job as both Mum and writer! I also write, but painting is my passion now. I’ve been an English teacher and am a sharp editor. You have great style. If you ever need to ask a question, I’d be honored to give a go at an answer.

    You made my day! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. carlaames says:

      Thank you so much Pamela! Wow, I’m so thrilled with your compliments. I may take you up on your offer. Thank you again! You have absolutely made my day with your feedback x


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